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Patriotic War – International Webinar


Romanian Language and Cultural Center in partnership with the Multicultural Center within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University from Iasi, Romania, organized on November 5th an International Webinar dedicated to The Patriotic War. The students from both Romania and Azerbaijan had the opportunity to learn more about the historical facts of The Patriotic War.

Professor dr. Ludmila Bejenaru, head of the Multiculturalism Center in Iasi, presented a brief and well-documented introduction about the history of the conflict.

The guests of the meeting, Elchin Akhundzade, participant of the 1st Karabakh war, reserve officer, chairman of the Center for Reform Support. Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the State, Customs Committee, and Kamran Kazimov, Vice Rector for Social Affairs, Lankaran State University, father of Vusal Kazimov Patriotic War martyr, talked about their experiences during the first Karabach war and the 44 days Patriotic War. A short movie about Vusal Kazimov, martyr of the Patriotic war was screened and Vusal Kazimov shared his feeling of a grieved father that lost his only son to the war, but his happiness that his son’s death was part of the great victory that came in November, 10th.

Azerbaijani students, Gulshan Atakishieva and Seda Mammadli, shared their opinions and feelings about the 44 days War and the destructions of Ganja City and the massacre of the Khojali town back in 1992. Lector dr. Iosefina Blazsani-Batto, director of the Romanian Center in Baku, shared her feelings about the 8th of November 2020 when she watched the happiness and the joy of the Azerbaijani people at the news that Shusa was captured. Nowadays, this date is a public holiday in Azerbaijan, in commemoration of Azerbaijan being the victor in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, established by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan on 2 December 2020.

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