Today, the Romanian Language and Cultural Center within Azerbaijan University of Languages had the pleasure to have the H.E. Vasile SOARE, the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Azerbaijan, as a guest giving a lecture about the Union of January 24th, 1859, named by the historians the Small Union.

In order for the students to understand the significance of this historical moment for the Romanians, the Ambassador made a detailed journey through the Romanian history from the beginnings, pointing out the main stages and moments of the evolution and formation of national consciousness, the unification desideratum of Romanians into a national state. He also explained the geopolitical situation of that time in this part of Europe and how the Romanians from Moldova and Wallachia put into practice the brilliant idea of ​​choosing the same Prince in both Romanian Principalities – Alexandru Ioan CUZA. This wise political decision challenged the Great Powers to acknowledge the fact – THE UNION OF THE ROMANIAN PRINCIPALITIES, which became ROMANIA, a new country that later had to be recognized internationally. A specific interest in the lecture was set upon the extraordinary reforms of modernizing the country and the Romanian society, implemented by Alexander-Ioan CUZA in his only 7 years’ reign. The Ambassador underlined that all these reforms were continued by King Carol I, the ruler that succeeded to gain Romania’s Independence against the Ottoman Empire. The end of the lecture referred to the moment of the Great Union of Romanians from all the historical provinces on December 1st, 1918, at Alba Iulia, the Great Union that became possible after the First World War, when the great empires disappeared.

During his lecture (given in English and Russian for two groups of students), the Ambassador Vasile SOARE pointed out a number of similarities in the history of Romanians and Azerbaijanis, both peoples militating over time for a country, a national state of their own, to preserve their identity, their national language and culture. The students were extremely pleased with the lecture and the availability of sharing knowledge from a high ranked official from Romania.

Concluding, the lesson on important moments in Romanian history was well received by the young Azerbaijani students and created more appetite for knowing various historical and cultural facts about Romania.

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