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International Storytelling Day 2022 in Baku


Iosefina Batto ✎ : On March 15th, the Romanian and Language Center within ADU organized the event called TELL THE STORY OF A LOCAL LANDMARK. ADU Centers’ Convention in the framework of the World Storytelling Day.

The conference organized by the Romanian Language and Cultural Center within ADU is part of a multi-national celebration, and a program that values the multicultural academic identity of Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Among the speakers, international specialists and diplomats such as Valentin Naumescu, president of the ICDE think tank, director EUXGLOB Center within Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania and expert of the European Commission, Daiana Theodora Cuibus, General Director, Romanian Language Institute, Bucharest, Romania, Vija Buša, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Latvia, and Elmira Mirzayeva, Culture, Education and Economic Affairs Adviser, Embassy of Latvia in Azerbaijan, Bartosz Musialowicz, First Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Baku, Mihaly Gruber, Cultural and Educational Affairs, Embassy of Hungary, Nicolae Henț, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic and Alina Iftime, Ankara University, Turkey, presented good practices in implementing cultural projects and created a vivid atmosphere that reflected the never-ending power of storytelling.

Students from American Center, Spanish Language Center, Israel and the Middle East Studies Center, Italian Language Center, Hungarian Language and Cultural Centers, Romanian Language and Cultural Center, Serbian Language and Cultural Center, Scandinavian Center and Regional Studies Department coordinated by their lecturers, Shahla Khudiyeva, Nargiz Akhundova, Anna Piko, Gunay Safarova, Nargiz Jafarova, Iosefina Blazsani-Batto, Lala Majidova, Nargiz Madatova, Vusala Afandiyeva, Sevdagul Aliyeva, Aygun Soltanzadeh, shared stories about the countries they study and shared their experiences and knowledge.

Iosefina Batto ✎

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